Tutors:     Fanny Pandolfi – Newcastle University, Rachel Clifton – Warwick University 

The BSAS R and Statistics Workshop is a practical techniques course aimed at postgraduate students in the animal sciences that want to learn the statistical software and programming language ‘R’ and refresh their knowledge of statistics and experimental design. It is also open to ordinary BSAS members. The course assumes no background in programming or R, and aims to make statistics clear, straightforward and fun.

Each of the two days will begin with a short introduction to the material followed by three computer-based tutorials, all in the Irene Manton Cluster in the Irene Manton Building (opposite the Garstang Building). Participants will receive a set of theory notes and practical exercises to work through in each session under the guidance of the tutors. 

The fee is ONLY £50 for BSAS members and £125 for non-members.  BSAS Student members also get FREE DB&B on the night of 5 January.  For ordinary members and non-members it is £20 for Dinner and £45 B&B. 

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Please download and read the attached before registering for the workshop.  If you wish to be invoiced then please contact the office for a code to register.  

Terms and conditions

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BSAS, PO Box 3, Penicuik, Midlothian EH26 0RZ
Tel: 0131 650 8784

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62.24 Probiotic fermentation using orange vinasse and molasses as feed substrates for animal production

72.37 Effect of probiotic mixes on growth performance, mortality and incidence of diarrhea of piglets

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5th January 2017
University of Leeds


Ipswich Veterinary Centre, Suffolk. IP8 3LQ.
04/09/2017 - 05/09/2017
University of Cumbria
25/04/2017 - 27/04/2017
University of Chester
Playfair Library, Edinburgh
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